Monday, June 22, 2015

Why do you, or should you care what a celebrity believes?

Dear Readers,

Today I was thinking about why do some people care so much about what celebrities believe or don't believe?  I posted some articles from TMZ a few weeks back about Paris Jackson and some people mistook a necklace that she was wearing for a satanic pentagram.  Some people made an issue over whether or not she is an atheist.  Why is it anyone's business what Paris believes?  Jackson has had exposure to the Jehovah's Witnesses due to her grandmother and eldest aunt.  If Paris is an atheist or a Satanist, then that is her choice.  She is practically an adult and has the right to make her own decisions.  I'm not sure, but I think one person commented on their JW relatives and might have said to persons who were criticizing JW beliefs and practices about how good their JW relatives are and how you shouldn't talk about things that you don't understand.  Well, I could be wrong about that..  I will say to this person: well sir or ma'am, your JW relatives might be good people, but that doesn't mean that people can't or shouldn't be allowed to look at JW beliefs and practices objectively.  We have the freedom of speech, freedom of thought and expression, if you just so happen to be one of those people who doesn't like that, then why not move to a country that enshrines blasphemy laws?

  I don't care if Katherine and her eldest daughter are Jehovah's Witnesses.  That is their choice.  I don't agree with their beliefs, but I respect their legal right to believe in what they choose to believe in, but it doesn't mean that I am not going to critically examine such beliefs. If Paris doesn't want to be a JW, that is her choice.  She doesn't have to be one just because she has relatives who are members.  If Paris ever wanted to be a Mormon or a Christian Scientist, that would also be her choice.  I could care less if John Travolta and Tom Cruise are Scientologists.  It's not my money and its not my life.  Do I agree with Scientologist beliefs and practices? No, I don't.  I'm opposed to the harassment that former and non-Scientologists receive from the Church for speaking out against the Scientology for some of their behaviors. I do believe in freedom of religion and the right to not have any religion imposed on you.  I am an atheist because I choose to be, it is the proposition that makes the most sense to me now.  I have the right to think for myself and question everything and anything that I want to, regardless if anyone else likes it or not.

Gladys Knight, whom I adore, she is a Mormon.  A lot of people find it odd I'm sure that a legendary African-American singer and her adult children would have joined a controversial fundamentalist Christian denomination like orthodox Mormonism ( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/LDS/Mormon/"Mo's", "Momo's ").  I am an ex-Mormon myself, so I know what it is like to be in Gladys' shoes in regards to Mormonism and the denomination's relationship to black persons.  So does my best friend who was raised as a JW with me, before she became a member of the LDS Church and was disowned by her family. If Gladys is happy being a Mormon as long as she isn't hurting anyone else, then let her be.  I like the music that she has created with her LDS-themed choir, the Saints Unified Voices.  I may not agree with the messages, but I think that the Empress of Soul can pretty much sing the heck out of anything.  Beyonc√© Knowles is a United Methodist.  I had a mixed experience with that denomination.  She was born and raised into a family that were practicing members of the denomination.  Her outlook on sex, feminism and LGBT rights is something that I admire and can agree with, mostly. 

I can remember back when she was the lead singer of Destiny's Child.  All of my friends with pre-teen or teenage daughters adored them.  I listened to them back then, despite the fact that some people would have said, " You way too old to be listenin' to Destiny's Child".  I have always been somewhat of a free spirit, not caring what anyone else thinks of me, even if I kept my opinions to myself.  I'm still that way.  My point is, why worry about celebrities, isn't it better to worry about your own life, then worry about the life of someone that you may never meet?  What do you think?



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